NBC News Studio

NBC News: A Look Inside

NBC News, located in the iconic Rockefeller Plaza, brings a twist on common news studios.

With its 24 floors, NBC Studios is consistently bustling with journalists and other employees.

The company, which first appeared as a radio network, was founded by David Sarnoff in 1926. Since then, it has grown tremendously and continues to build on its rich legacy.

With high-tech equipment and a modern atmosphere, NBC brings news about politics, business, diversity, tech, entertainment, and other pursuits to over 7 million people around the U.S. annually.

The studio also pays tribute to influential figures throughout NBC history, by including murals and paintings, reminding employees and guests of their beginnings.

NBC brings a 360o experience with advanced cameras and monitors to help transport viewers to different locations. Along with cutting-edge equipment, most newsrooms also include unique gadgets such as acrylic tabletops to update anchors on breaking news. These rooms are also home to many well-known news anchors, hosts, and reporters such as Lester Holt, Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, Nicole Wallis, and many more.

The studio is filled with many educated people, many of whom were willing to share their experiences in being a journalist, and part of the company, to the Boyd Journalism Workshop in part of a Q&A session.

One of the most important pieces of advice that they were willing to share: Aspiring journalists have to involve themselves in all aspects of the industry to find a true passion.

"In order to find out what you like, you have to try out everything," said Quiana Burns, an executive producer for "MSNBC Live with Ali Velshi" and co-lead for BEN (the Black Employee Network).

The panel included diverse employees who gave tips and shared stories about their time in the media industry.

"Don’t be afraid to volunteer yourself, and don’t be afraid of what you don’t know--try everything out", added Victor Limjoco, producer of "NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt".

The students of the Boyd Journalism Workshop enjoyed learning from professionals in the business, and also took back useful information with them.

"I learned so much from the panel and I hope to visit there again sometime! The biggest thing I took away from it was that you don’t have to major in journalism to be a journalist or work in the industry. I have other passions, so this was relieving to hear,"" says Boyd student Josephine Wu.

Students were also exposed to behind-the-scenes action while touring the studio, realizing how much work really goes into production.

"This experience opened up how much skill and talent goes into producing one news story. From producing, to editing, to writing, they are all skills that you need to be successful and have longevity in this industry," added Boyd student Braedyn Speight.

But whether on or off-screen, all NBC Studios members play a key role to make it one of the most popular and loved television broadcast companies in the US.